With nearly 6 billion data points and 206 million domain names currently online, Webxtrakt aims to be the most comprehensive domain name resource. Search any domain name among the published Top Level Domains to reveal historic ranking data and domain name cross references.

206 million domain names

Webxtrakt currently has over 206 million domain names published online and available to search. You will find historic ranking data on the most popular domains and we constantly update our database with the status of every domain name - are they active, expired or temporarily disabled.

Keeping track of such a vast amount of data and constantly keeping it updated is a challenge, but we have developed an extremely efficient network which tackles this task formidably and also identifies new domains that are constantly added to the database. This is why Webxtrakt has the most complete zonefiles of the top ccTLDs (and a lot more coming soon).

If you are interested in getting access to our zonefiles (ie. complete domain lists of any pubslidhed TLD), then contact us about becoming a sponsor.

Domain name cross references

If a domain is registered (or previously has been registered) under another top level domain you will find these in the section named Cross TLDs. For example if you lookup google.com you will see a list of Top Level Domains (TLD) where the name "google" is also registered.


Webxtrakt compiles data provided by the Common Crawl project. Ranking data is generated using the WebGraph framework. If you are interested in following the Common Crawl project, follow the conversation on Common Crawl’s Google Group.