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The domain name is not responding

No DNS records were found for 123constats.fr, which indicates that this domain name is currently not in use and may even be available for purchase.

You can check if the domain name is available for purchase.

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The domain name 123constats.fr translates to the primary IP address, which replies with HTTP response: 200 "OK".

The webserver runs on a Nginx platform.


The name zone records for 123constats.fr contain: 2 name servers, 1 IP address, 1 canonical and 1 mail server.

The primary name server is dns19.ovh.net and the domain receives email via redirect.ovh.net.

This domain is configured with: Sender Policy Framework.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Include SPF records from these domains: mx.ovh.com

21514 bytes in 0.2664s
IP address (A) (primary)
Canonical name records (CNAME) (mail)
Name server (NS)
dns19.ovh.net (primary)
Mail server (MX)